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Jamal Mashburn

  • Analyst for NBA TV
  • Former NBA All-Star who played with Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat & Charlotte/New Orleans Hornets
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$17,500 - $20,000
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When it came to scoring points, Jamal Mashburn excelled, and his monster performances at the basket helped the former basketball pro earn the nickname of “Monster Mash.”

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Jamal Mashburn began making waves with his skill while still in high school and was recruited to play for the University of Kentucky, where he was named an All-American. Jamal Mashburn appearances as a Wildcat also helped him earn a berth as the fourth overall pick in the NBA draft. He was chosen as the pick by the Dallas Mavericks, for whom he played from 1993 to 1997. His first season with the Mavericks, he was selected to play on the NBA All Rookie Team. From there, Jamal Mashburn moved eastward to play for the Miami Heat from 1997 to 2000. After that, he wrapped up his career playing for the Charlotte Hornets. He remained with the Hornets until his retirement in 2004.

Even though Jamal Mashburn appearances on the boards of an NBA court are a thing of the past, the former small forward is no less busy. He has appeared to offer analysis and commentary on basketball games on ESPN and has also become a prolific businessman. Just as he earned a reputation for his monster ability to score points on the basketball court, Jamal Mashburn has proved to be very successful in the business arena as the owner of multiple Outback Steakhouse and Papa John’s franchises as well as numerous car dealerships. He still lives in Kentucky.

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