Cost Saving Opportunities: Free Travel Expenses and Reduced Fees for Talent

About Us: The Texas Speakers Bureau (tm)

The Texas Speakers Bureau is Texas' Premier Speakers Bureau for organizations seeking exceptional keynote speakers, entertainers, or other professional talent that is based regionally.          

We have direct access to one of the largest rosters of Texas based keynote speakers, celebrities, trainers, entertainers, hypnotists, auctioneers, and other special event performers. 

Or, Are You a Speaker Looking for Representation?

We Have Nationally Recognized Talent That Is Based Locally.

In this economy, we understand that you still need high-quality keynote speakers and entertainers for your events.  Here is the good news. You don’t have to fly big talent in from out-of-state. Texas has a lot of big-time talent that’s based right here. We give you immediate access to that talent.  You could save thousands on speakers’ travel expenses and most likely get reduced rates on speakers’ normal presentation fees by using local talent.  

Our main focus is to connect organizations, corporations, and other types of groups hosting events and conferences in Texas with the best Texas talent.  We want to help these groups stretch their “keynote speaker and entertainment budget” further in a tight economy. At the same time, we want to give them the chance to support nationally recognized talent based here in Texas. 

We Offer Huge Cost Saving Opportunities.   
Free Travel Expenses and Reduced Fees for Talent

1.     Book local talent for your event and pay no travel expenses for the talent. 

Flying in keynote speakers or entertainers from out-of-state will typically cost you an extra $1,000-$1,500 just for their travel expenses! Opting to book local talent instead will give you and your organization huge, immediate savings. You will not pay any travel expenses for the talent if you book talent that is based in the same city that your event is being held!

2.     Possibly receive special local discounts on speaker’s fees for presentations.

Because of our special relationship with speakers and entertainers all over Texas and our volume of buying power with those speakers, we are often able to provide reduced speaking fees on top talent that is based in or around Texas.

3.     Use local talent and you’ll be supporting the local economy that supports your business or organization. 

Local organizations trust us because we have been consistent over the years offering them the finest talent for great values. Audiences continue to be happy with the talent we provide and customers keep using us to find talent for their events.  When you choose to go local, you get a lot more “bang-for-your-buck”.

By choosing the Texas Speakers Bureau (tm), you will receive premier talent that’s based locally. You will also work with a local speakers bureau that already has a great reputation for providing the best talent regionally and nationally. Everyone wins together.

Let us show you what we can do for you.  We can help you select the right keynote speaker, entertainer or talent for your event.  Get  Assistance Now