Tony Crow

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  • Motivational Safety Speaker
  • Bringing a message of Safety, Leadership, and Motivation

Tony believes leadership is best shown by example. He shares his thoughts on safety as well as leadership in the workplace, at home and through everyday life. Tony models his personal philosophies at home, church, and in the community. With the help of a leader dog, Rudy, Tony was able to continue working his 125 acre farm. He feeds the dogs and cows every day and even artificially inseminates some of his cows. Life’s journey is not always easy, but Tony’s attitude is great! He has let life’s difficulties make him better, not bitter. Tony’s message about Safety and Leadership is compelling and passionate. He & his loving wife, Cheryl, travel the country as well as Canada, in hopes that Tony's story does not become someone else's story.


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  • Safety 24/7: Tony speaks to groups large and small about how that one day, that one moment, changed his life forever. His story will motivate, inspire, and resonate with everyone. His message of "Safety 24/7" is centered around having the safety mindset all the time, wherever you are along with having the: "It's not Just about Me" mentality (and how your actions and your example affect the safety of yourself and those around you). His message is a reminder to all that safety doesn't just start OR stop at the workplace, but at home and play as well.
  • Safety

Tony Crow worked for TXU for 20 plus years. During this time he attended numerous safety meetings. He heard and knew the list of safety rules. They were so ingrained that he instinctively followed them. They became second nature to him.

But on February 15, 2003, while enjoying his favorite hobby, quail hunting, Tony was accidentally shot. He was totally blinded for life.

Tony's life drastically changed that day, as well as the lives of his family and friends. When we think of people who have been in accidents, we don’t consider how it will affect those closest to them. Everything about Tony and his family’s lifestyle has had to change.

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