Stu Schlackman

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  • Sales, Negotiation, and Communication Keynote Speaker & Trainer

Stu Schlackman delivers what businesses want in this new decade: RESULTS!  Using his 25 + years of success in sales and sales management, Stu has developed a sales process that will give you Superior Sales Results!  His Sales Intelligence System is based on his books, Don't Just Stand There, Sell Something! & The Four People You Should Know: Communicating to The Different Personality Syles.  Stu's passion is to help companies that are involved in long-term selling relationships to succeed.  Today he speaks to groups both large and small helping them use the Sales Intelligence System to increase their win rate, shorten the sales cycle and lower turnover.


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  • Stu Schlackman Personality Style in Sales
  • Personality Styles
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  • Tenacious Teams: Building a great team takes great leadership and setting the proper tone. Our formula for successful team building is one that works every time. Learn the characteristics of a tenacious team and the formulas for success.
  • Don't Just Stand There, Sell Something
  • Four People You Should Know: Understanding, Working With, Communicating, and Selling to the Different Personality Styles
  • Selling with Emotional Intelligence
  • The Simple Truth of Relationship Selling
  • Sales Strategies that Shorten the Sales Cycle
  • Leveraging Sales and Talent for Outrageous Results
  • Negotiating with Power
  • Critical Questions for Closing the Sale
  • The Hard Facts of Prospecting
  • Presenting with Passion
  • Negotiation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Sales
  • Team Building
  • Trainers

After more than 25 years in corporate sales, Stu Schlackman began speaking and training to help organizations dedicated to Superior Sales Results.  Leveraging his competitive nature and winning results, Schlackman’s firm focuses on training and coaching sales and service teams to turn them into top performers.

When in the corporate world, Schlackman was instrumental in increasing revenue and growing the client base of large corporations such as Capgemini, EDS, and the former Digital Equipment Corporation. In addition to closing large contracts and leading sales teams throughout his career, Schlackman also spearheaded sales training initiatives. These initiatives powered his sales teams to exceed sales projections by an average of more than 30% percent annually.

Today, Schlackman uses his Sales Intelligence System to help companies build high performance teams and increase sales through understanding the four different personality styles as defined in his Personality Perspectives Process.  Knowing the client’s personality will help sales professionals close business by understanding why they make decisions.  The foundation of personality styles emphasizes what the person values, how they prefer to communicate, how they make decisions and what will motivate them to take action.

As author of Don’t Just Stand There, Sell Something and Four People You Should Know, Schlackman imparts wisdom, technique, and practical advice for corporate executives, sales professionals, corporate trainers, and others who have the desire to compete and win in business and life.

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