Sonny Melendrez

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  • Motivational Keynote Speaker
  • Twice Named Billboard Magazine's "National Radio Personality of the Year"
  • Inducted into the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame as one of the Top 100 Radio Personalities of All-Time

Sonny Melendrez was born to inspire.

Motivating others has always been an important element in the life of this dynamic radio and television personality, author, and inspirational speaker. Sonny travels across the country and around the globe to entertain and inspire both on stage and on the air, but chooses to live in San Antonio, where he grew up.

Twice named Billboard Magazine’s “Radio Personality of the Year,” his enthusiasm for life is evident as host of various radio and television programs. In addition, he was awarded the honor of Hispanic Radio Personality of the Year by Ricardo Montalban and the National Nosotros Organization. He was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame and has the honor of being included in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as one of the Top 100 Radio Personalities of All-Time.


Media files by Sonny Melendrez

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  • THE ART OF LIVING WITH ENTHUSIASM! (Conference Keynote): It happens to the best of companies, organizations, and schools: Team members lose sight of why they were excited about their job in the first place. This program serves to relight the fire-within; the passion that brought them to the party; the pride they once enjoyed in being part of something big. After years of research, Sonny Melendrez found that there was a very important element present in all who have accomplished the impossible: enthusiasm! This is the perfect way to launch your conference or meeting with a "kick-in-the-pants" presentation filled with insight, laughter, and lots of enthusiasm, guaranteed to recharge even the most stubborn batteries. Treat your team to the magic to be found in Living with Enthusiasm!
  • New Student Welcome / Student Career Path Program: Motivational college speaker, Sonny Melendrez knows what it's like to be a college student with big dreams. While attending San Antonio College and later at the University of Texas at El Paso, he landed his first job as a broadcaster. Within 6 months, he was considered to be the youngest radio program director in the country. In this program, he shares his experience with today's college students, detailing the hard work it takes to make it to the top. From New Student Welcome to Student Career Path Program, his presentation is designed to inspire students to set goals, develop a plan of action, and take charge of their future with great enthusiasm!
  • Team Member 'Empowerment Training": In this fast-paced 1 to 2 hour seminar, Sonny delivers a fresh approach to leadership training. "Empowerment Training" teaches company leaders to instill a set of core values in everyone from new-hires to veteran employees. From daily team goals to major projects, "Leadership As A Second Language" is designed to cultivate a custom formula for any task at hand.
  • Management Training: According to a recent national survey, over 68% of Americans say they do not enjoy their job and consequently, don't look forward to going to work each morning. Yet, companies like Southwest Airlines employ some of the happiest people on earth. After years of studying and working with many of these successful organizations, Sonny has discovered the powerful element that sets them apart from their competitors: a culture of caring and kindness. Treat your conference or meeting audience to his enlightening presentation, filled with ideas and insight of how to motivate team members beyond company policy. "Creating A Culture of Kindness" will inspire, inform, and empower your leaders and future managers to deliver their best service.
  • How to Use the Positive Power of Words in the Workplace: American author, Napoleon Hill once said, "Think twice before you speak because your words of influence will plant either success or failure in the mind of another." While we often do not give a second thought to the way we communicate others, the words we choose and, just as important, the tone we use, can have a powerful impact on their consequence. In this fast paced, 60 to 90 minute interactive presentation, Sonny Melendrez shares and explores business communication with the people we work with to those we call on for business. Key elements include: How to approach a new client: in person, by phone, via email or by letter. 5 positive ways to ask for your client's business. The 3 most important rules of phone etiquette. How to speak with confidence and enthusiasm. Using your words to lead and inspire others. The do's and don'ts of social media communication. This is the perfect "refresher course" for any staff or membership looking to improve their communications skills and business acumen.
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  • Youth & School Events

Sonny Melendrez has hosted drive radio time shows at some of America’s greatest radio stations, including KIIS, KMPC, KFI, KMGG, and KRLA in Los Angeles.

Blessed with multiple talents, Sonny is equally at home serving as TV host, actor, radio personality, writer, commercial spokesman, comedian, motivational speaker, or cartoon voice artist. His inventiveness and energetic style make him a much-sought-after performer.

A high level of credibility has made him a popular TV and radio spokesperson for companies like Disney, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Sears and Sprint PCS, to name a few.

Sonny is comfortable in front of any audience. He has hosted or been featured speaker at such prestigious events as the White House Hispanic Heritage Awards; the National “Just Say No To Drugs” Rally at the Washington Monument; and the USO 50th Anniversary Gala at the Ambassador’s Palace in Paris, France with guest of honor, the late Princess Grace of Monaco.As host of the award-winning children’s television series, ‘You And Me, Kid,” on the Disney Channel, Sonny displayed his natural talent for working with children.

Sonny’s ability and willingness to rally people behind a cause is one reason he is involved in so many charities, both locally and nationally. He was named Inc. Magazine’s “Socially Responsible Entrepreneur of the Year” and awarded the “2000 Marketing Philanthropist Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Sales and Marketing Executives of San Antonio.

President Ronald Reagan commended Sonny for his efforts in the war on drugs and he received the National Director’s Community Leadership Award by the FBI. In 1990, in recognition for raising tens of thousands of dollars for youth scholarships, he was named “El Rey Feo” (The People’s King) and presided over San Antonio’s annual weeklong Fiesta celebration.Sonny Melendrez Community Center The City of San Antonio named the Sonny Melendrez Community Center located on the city’s West Side in his honor as way to say “thank you” for his community involvement.Programs that benefit children have always been a priority for Sonny Melendrez. One of the projects of which he is most proud is the children’s version of “We Are The World,” which he created in Los Angeles in 1985. Over 1500 children participated in the recording and video, and proceeds from record sales benefited USA For Africa. Sonny received a Grammy nomination for “Best Children’s Recording.”The Sonny Melendrez Children’s Foundation was created in 1998 to help disabled and disadvantaged youth in San Antonio. It is estimated that he has helped to raise over 100 million dollars in cash, goods and services for local and national charities during the last 25 years!Sonny is truly the man of a thousand voices. As a teenager he discovered an uncanny ability to imitate and create character voices. He has provided the voices of several characters in Hanna-Barbera’s “Jetsons” cartoon series; created many of the sounds heard in the Gremlins movie; was the bug who yelled “Oh, no! It’s RAAAAAID!” in the popular TV commercial; played opposite Walter Mathau as the voice of Bob Cratchet in the animated TV classic, “The Stingiest Man in Town”; and was even the voice of the infamous Fred the Cockatoo in the 70”s NBC TV series, Baretta. He was chosen from a field of over 140,000 as the new voice of the Parkay Margarine Talking Tub! Recently, after a nationwide search, Sonny was chosen to provide the voice of Jerry Seinfeld in a campaign promoting The Bee Movie Game for ActiVision.

As a keynote motivational speaker, colleges, universities, school districts, and corporate groups of all types have been inspired by Sonny’s captivating presentations. His topics are designed to fire up team members, teachers, students, parents, and companies to get involved and make a difference in the world around them.In his new book, “The Art of Living With Enthusiasm!,” Sonny offers the powerful benefits to be found in positive living through personal and powerful stories of encouragement, comfort, and joy.

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