Dallas Speakers Bureau – Sales Strategist Speaker, Ann Ranson discusses Social Responsibility in the Workplace

Dallas Texas Speakers Bureau presenter, Ann Ranson, discusses Social Responsibility in the Workplace.

Much is being written today about social responsibility—but what exactly is it? Literally defined, it means that all people and organizations have a responsibility to society. And while many people think that it is all about the environment and going green, I describe social responsibility as being a part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

To understand social responsibility better, let’s look at it this way. Your association may be used to measuring only the profit bottom line, but in truth you have three bottom lines, also known as the triple bottom line. This business practice recognizes the people bottom line, the planet bottom line, and the profit bottom line. Increasingly organizations are taking this holistic approach to their operations and reaping the benefits.

In my bottom line strategic planning system, each bottom line is divided into two dimensions, giving you a way of organizing your thinking and your strategies for maximum benefit. The people bottom line, stakeholders and culture, involves understanding and responding to the needs of your employees, clients, shareowners, vendors, and customers. The planet bottom line, legacy and community, speaks to planning for the future and your impact on the environment. Historically receiving the most attention, the profit bottom line, sales/marketing and products/services, is shifting to transparency and authenticity in your business relationships. 

As you can tell, a bottom line approach gives you a framework to build a socially responsible association. And, other than making you feel good, why is that important?

Because employees want social responsibility! Today there is a growing desire, even demand for more social responsibility in the workplace, especially from employees and customers. Studies are documenting that social responsibility is a recruitment and retention advantage, particularly among the younger generations. Workers reward socially responsible organizations with increased engagement, which leads to increased productivity and revenue.

If you’re sold on integrating social responsibility into your workplace but are wondering where to begin, consider what tennis legend Arthur Ashe said: “Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.” I think his advice is valuable as you work to implement the changes toward more social responsibility.

Start small and build from there:

Engage your employees by organizing a green team of employees who will volunteer their time to help you make this transition.

Initiate a policy that encourages transparency in all of your operations.

Reduce waste by having recycling bins, encouraging two-sided printing, and using CFL light bulbs.

These are just a few ideas on how you can help your association be more socially responsible.

You may reach Ann Ranson at: 1-877-882-5368.  Call to inquiry about having her speak at your next event or visit her page for booking information, click here.  Ann Ranson is a Texas sales, marketing, and business motivational speaker.


About Ann Ranson

Ann Ranson, a Dallas sales strategiet speaker represented by the Dallas Texas Speakers Bureau,  shows how to build trust and break down barriers which naturally results in increased engagement and productivity.

Ann’s business success has been achieved by building long-term, trust-based relationships that require a high level of civil mastery. Upon reflecting on her experiences, Ann made this discovery – business is no longer just a series of transactions – it is a social construct.

Ann gives you the benefit of her Fortune 500 experience in her career spanning 30+ years in the rough-and-tumble media world coupled with her extensive studies in personal and professional growth potential. Her real world perspective comes from executing high-stakes sales and marketing campaigns, to quickly learn what does and does not work.

A few career highlights:

• Building the Dallas Cowboys Radio Network sales operation from the ground up

• Selling and managing major 6 and 7 figure sales and marketing programs

• Certification as a Selling to Women Performance Coach & Facilitator

• Creation and facilitation of Bottom Line 3 Strategic Planning System