Robert Felder

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  • Re-Charge Your Enthusiasm!
  • San Antonio Business Journals' Top Forty under 40
  • Former Operations Manager & 3 Time-Martial Arts Texas Champion

Robert Felder is a professional motivational speaker with keynotes designed to help leaders be more creative to maintain morale, navigate economic uncertainty and be resourceful (do more with less).


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  • Recharge Your Enthusiasm

  • Leadership Revolution: From the top to middle management, your team can learn how to focus the organization and get everyone on board. This program helps you develop current or future leaders. This is for forward thinking leaders who are willing to seek other than traditional means to achieve their goals and influence others. It challenges listeners to change their thinking and reside outside of their comforts in order to be successful. Your team will learn forward thinking leadership skills and discover how to engage others. Today's leader cannot afford to be status quo. The economic challenges, the future direction of work environments, and market trends will not allow cultures to constantly get away with "this is how we have always done it." Today's leader must learn to be fluid in action and open minded to how to navigate their way into the future.
  • Generation Us! (Looking beyond Labels): Generation-Us is the future where we put down generational labels, seize the talents of all team members, and refocus on the purpose of the organization. This program gets everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction. During this program, team members learn how to be cohesive and appreciate each other's talents. It requires courage to step out of your comfort zone. If you are willing to be open minded (no matter your age or background), you can discover strategies and ideas from within your organization, old (traditional) ideas and new trends that can take your organization to the next level. Let's get there together!
  • Un-Diversity (Unlocking Untapped Skills): The moment you hired another individual in the organization you began your journey in diversity. The challenge is that when cultures don't change we don't realize the skills of those we sought after for diversity. This means the organization has untapped skills and resources among its teams. This program is not about educating you on diversity or how you can make your organization, more diverse, it's about plunging beneath the surface of race, gender, and background to harness the untapped skills of your employees. As I have mentioned with my father working with Martin Luther King and others in blog posts and articles, everyone in the organization can make a difference. During this program, you will learn how to do more with less, by unlocking the full potential of your team. This enables you to preserve resources and utilize who and what you already have.
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Robert Felder is a professional motivational speaker with keynotes designed to help leaders be more creative to maintain morale, navigate economic uncertainty and be resourceful (do more with less).

Robert received his Bachelors of Arts in Finance from Clark Atlanta University and was a Manager for a corporate event planning organization for 10 years. He was recently named in San Antonio Business Journals, Top Forty under 40. He is currently President of Downtown San Antonio Toastmasters and has been a Toastmasters Speech Competition winner for International Speech, Table Topics and Humorous contest.

Robert’s mission is to help organizations realize that their best resources are within reach, their employees, and together they can navigate the uncertainty and do more with what they have. In addition, audiences learn to develop resilience in the face of challenges, reduce the expense of rehire, and inexpensive strategies to innovate. Robert is a father, investor, and award-winning martial artist known for delivering high-energy programs that inspire audiences to be a leader and embrace change in the workplace.

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