Melanie Ross Mills

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Books by Melanie Ross Mills

  • Author of The Life Bond Book Series
  • Real Life Changing Experiences
  • Friendship Expert & Mentor

Melanie Ross Mills, a Texas girl, intended to be a teacher. Receiving a B.S. in teaching from the University of Texas at Austin, she planned to enter the classroom, but fate stepped in. Marriage, a son, and becoming a homemaker changed her original plans. In 2002, Melanie began working as a mentor. Her sincere and unique approach to helping others quickly gained her recognition as the "go-to for insight” person. To her surprise and appreciation, she became a sought-after voice by community and business leaders, churches, and non-profit organizations. Accepting her calling, Mills augmented her education by becoming certified in Temperament Counseling.


Media files by Melanie Ross Mills

  • Resolving Conflicts

  • Exploring Your Personality: Drawing on personal and professional experience in Temperament Counseling, Melanie helps others identify their own unique temperament and provides strategies to cultivate a healthy mindset. She helps audiences gain an understanding into: individual strengths, out of balance strengths (weaknesses), responses to stress, relations to others - in marriage, family, parenting, and the workplace. This presentation is a stand-by for most audiences. Melanie has delivered it to many groups ranging from Career Connection groups (individuals seeking employment), National Charity Leagues, Private School Groups, Ministries, Business Chambers, and more.
  • Cultivating Healthy Friendships: Melanie lifts the veil on what it means to be a friend by using examples of her painful friendship lessons combined with excerpts from her book, The Friendship Bond. As a Certified Temperament Counselor, she uses temperament identity as a way of demonstrating to her audience how to cultivate friendships through giving, receiving and forgiving. This presentation has been effective with groups ranging from 14 to 75. Although it works with anyone, it has been well-received by female audiences.
  • Discovering Who You Married: Melanie uses her own marriage of almost 20 years, as well as, material from her book, The Couples Bond as the backdrop for communicating with couples. Drawing on her training and certification in Temperament Counseling, she emphasizes the importance of not only knowing your spouse, but knowing yourself. Walking the audience through the discovery of their own temperament, Melanie demonstrates how the combination of the two individual����¯�¿�½������¢������¯������¿������½������¯������¿������½s temperaments plays out in their marriage. With humor and depth, she hits on topics of love languages, intimacy, communication, forgiveness, finances, and other areas in marriage that can be "trying" or confusing at times. This presentation is aimed for a couples audience, but it can also be tweaked to be effective with singles and separate gender audiences.
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Motivational
  • Women's Conferences

Dr. Melanie Ross Mills, burgeoning influencer, has earned national acclaim, crowned with the extraordinary gift of connection. In title, Dr. Mills is a Life Strategist, Relationship & Friendship Expert, and licensed Temperament Therapist. Dr. Mills’ expertise naturally elicits formal esteem. However, it is the magnetism of “Dr. Mel,” that captivates the hearts of her followers.  She uses insight and experience, equally paired with humor and authenticity, to instigate authentic relational discussions that incite action. Mills stimulates her expansive audience through a purposeful range of platforms: Life Bonds™ iTunes Podcast, authors Life Bonds™ Books (The Friendship Bond, The Identity Bond, and The Couples Bond), and Life Bonds™ Workshops. In addition, Dr. Mel is mutually energized through her social media platforms (@drmelaniermills), public speaking, one-on-one sessions, and creative business partnerships with companies like Clinique® and Bank of America. All venues lead to a two-fold objective: Impact and inspire. “Dr. Mel” has been described as FOX News Radio’s “go-to” Relationship Expert. She was the recipient of the 2016 Women of Excellence Award for her dedication to young women and espousing the ideals of women of excellence. Mills has presence on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX networks. You will find her coveted advice, quoted or featured, in publications such as Forbes, Time, Reader’s Digest, Self, Women’s Health, Brides, Chicago Tribune, Essence, Bravo, Where, Inside Fitness, Park Cities People, Good Life Family Magazine, and many more. Regardless of the outlet, after spending time with Dr. Mel, the audience is impacted and inspired. Her contagious renown is astounding.

Education & Training: Dr. Mills holds magna cum laude Master of Arts and Doctorate of Philosophy degrees in Temperament Therapy. She’s certified and licensed in Clinical Counseling. Mills earned an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Learning and Development (Youth and Community Studies), awarded an Endowed Scholarship Academic Excellence Award, and an Order of Omega Award for the Dean’s list 

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