Maura Thomas

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Books by Maura Thomas

  • TEDx Speaker, Author of two books
  • Featured in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, NPR,
  • and Huffington Post; Developer of the proprietary Empowered Productivity System

Maura Thomas is a nationally recognized thought leader delivering her unique message that the key to productivity and effectiveness is attention management. She was invited by one of the largest publishers in the world to literally write the book on productivity (Personal Productivity Secrets was her first book.) For more than 20 years, Maura has worked nationally and internationally with thousands of individuals at hundreds of companies such as Dell, the American Heart Association, and L’Oreal, helping their leadership create productive cultures, and helping their employees achieve their significant results. In addition to her long list of media appearances, she is also a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review.


Media files by Maura Thomas

  • Maura Thomas : Media File 1
  • Maura Thomas : Media File 2

  • Kick Time Management to the Curb, Attention Management is the Skill You Need
  • Control Your Attention, Control Your Life
  • The Future of Communication and Attention; Are You Ready?
  • Regain Control! Where to Start When You're Overwhelmed
  • Time Management is Out! What's Next?
  • Control Your Attention to Work Smarter, Faster, and More Effectively
  • Empowered Productivity: Winning the War Against Information Overload
  • The 3 P's of Empowered Productivity
  • Time Management / Productivity
  • Women's Conferences

Maura Thomas has delivered inspiring and motivational speeches and training to audiences both nationally and internationally for over a decade, receiving comments such as:

“I think you just changed my life! Wow!”

“You made the entire conference worthwhile! Thank you!”

“Fantastic presentation! Her humor and enthusiasm kept us engaged and excited...we left feeling inspired, enlightened, and ready!”

“Your message was spot on and the information was eye-opening! I’ve heard nothing but praise!”

Maura earned an MBA from the University of Massachusetts and may know more about productivity than anyone you will ever meet. She is very active in her local community of Austin, Texas, and has held leadership and Board of Director positions in a variety of different community organizations and charities. She was chosen from almost 7000 applicants to be a Climate Project speaker, and was personally trained to deliver the science of climate change by former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore and his team of leading climate scientists. Maura offers pro-bono presentations quarterly to local nonprofits and donates a percentage to charity of all fees received.

Maura’s entertaining and engaging presentations, supported by the runaway success of her books, will be the highlight of any event that aims to motivate, inspire, and empower its audience.

“Our attendees LOVED LOVED LOVED you!” - Conference organizer, Frisco, Texas

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