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Mark Cornelison

  • Contestant on The Biggest Loser, Season 13
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Mark Cornelison made it to the Final Five as a contestant on Season 13 of The Biggest Loser. Mark is a youth pastor who shares his messge of what God did in and through him from the Biggest Loser experience.

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Mark Cornelison was a contestant on season 13 of The Biggest Loser. As a youth pastor for more than 17 years, his weight had reached an all- time high and something had to be done.

At 43 years old and 295 pounds, Mark suffered from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and acid reflux. As a pastor, Mark enjoyed doing volunteer work and going on mission trips, both of which were being significantly affected due to his weight. He knew it was time to make a life change when he began taking an anti-anxiety medication in efforts to deal with the side effects of his other prescriptions. A married father of three teenagers – two sons and one daughter – Mark started season 13 with his son, Chism, who had gained much of his weight after an accident when he was younger.

Mark returned over 100lbs lighter with a new life. He currently has no medical conditions to be monitored and has been removed from all of the medications he was taking before this experience. Besides being role models to his family, Mark’s greatest joy is now having the physical and mental ability to do and be anything Christ calls him to be. After taking a stand on the show which ultimately led to Mark walking away from any and all prize possibilities with only two weeks left to go, they have both seen the doors open to sharing the truth of how God is alive and well behind the scenes in Hollywood.

Since the show ended, Mark has traveled across the US to encourage others. In 2012, along with fellow contestant Allen “Buddy” Shuh, Mark founded with the aim of  communicating hope and encouragement to students and adults alike in regards to ministry and health.

In churches, Mark brings a message of what God did in and through him from this experience. His message, “People Matter” has been well received in many churches and groups across the country. It will certainly inspire you to look past the things that the world says is important and to focus on the only two things that really matter…

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