Kimberly Key

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  • Past Division President of the American Counseling Association
  • Author of "Ten Keys to Staying Empowered in a Power Struggle"

Solid content with lasting insights. That's what your audience can expect when you book Kimberly Key at your next event. Founder of Encompass Work & Family and Keys to Evolution, Kimberly specializes in helping companies, employees and families find solutions for adapting to the changing world. In a global economy where innovation is key, job layoffs are high, and working from home is the norm, Kimberly provides insights and helpful tips for surviving the tidal wave of change. She provides added expertise in changing gender roles, family roles and how that plays out in management and productivity--and family functioning. If you ever felt that family life DOES impact work and vice versa, but you never had the research on the how's and why's, Kimberly's presentations can be illuminating and validating. Moreover, people walk away feeling uplifted and armed with techniques to get along better with people, to get more from their job, and ways to build more harmony at home. She also provides answers for how women can work together better, get paid more, and still be caring nurturers with their children.




Media files by Kimberly Key

  • Kimberly Key Take Your Power Back

  • Surviving Chronic Deadline Fatigue: Deadlines are great motivators of action, until the they cause adrenal fatigue. In this talk, Kimberly will discuss the physiological impact of stress and deadlines and how they contribute to a reactive state in every area of life. Learn how working in a deadline environment creates a deadline-driven syndrome that easily pulls people and their families out of balance and what you can do to reverse the trend. Then discover a new serene way of tapping into hidden energy reserves that will result in improved health, better productivity at work, happier family relationships, and renewed confidence.
  • The Three Most Important Transferable Skills Everyone Needs in Today's Global Marketplace (This speech can be targeted to CEOs, women, teens, or general audience.)
  • Why Men Get Paid More than Women: Explaining why the Glass Ceiling Exists & How You Can Break It (This speech can be targeted to CEOs, women, or general business.)
  • The Key Essentials of Balance (Addresses the Eleven Core Balance Principles in the Key Essential Life Balance assessment developed by Kimberly Key) (This speech can be targeted to CEOs, women, entrepreneurs, and general adult audiences.)
  • Harness Your Inner Power: Learn How to Manipulate Your Primal Brain to Overcome Procrastination (the #1 Cause of Business Failure) (This speech can be targeted to CEOs, women, entrepreneurs, teens, and general audience.)
  • Ten Keys to Staying Empowered in a Power Struggle...Learn how to get along with people that are controlling, difficult, misunderstood, or just plain crazymakers (This speech can be targeted to CEOs, women, entrepreneurs, families, teens, and general audience.)
  • New Families: The DNA of Family Survival in the 21st Century (This speech is for any audience that is seeking information on family trends and general family therapy tips for family survival, balance, parenting issues, and socio-economic ramifications of family break-ups.)
  • Motivational
  • Negotiation
  • Time Management / Productivity
  • Women's Conferences
  • Workplace / Workforce

A sought after speaker, Kimberly has a genuine talent for connecting with audiences and translating complex research into tangible nuggets of insight. A board certified counselor and mediator, Kimberly is also a former environmental researcher and entrepreneur that has successfully launched products and businesses. She draws from these skills and experiences to help audiences grow in their own business and career pursuits.

Kimberly specializes in helping people evolve in today’s global marketplace. As president of the National Employment Counseling Association, she keeps her finger on the pulse of employment trends and global economic conditions. She utilizes her research to help audiences and clients get ahead of the curve. She provides real world solutions that fit today’s changing times.

Kimberly is author of “Ten Keys to Staying Empowered in a Power Struggle,” and Founder and Chief Empathy Officer of Encompass Work & Family, Keys to Evolution and, where she focuses on unlocking barriers that block natural mental health. As an associate with the international firm, Human Research, she has collaborated on research aimed at helping people adapt to challenging economic times and career instability. She is a board certified counselor and mediator with her M.A. in marriage and family therapy (COAMFTE accred.) and counseling & educational psychology (CACREP accred.) and her post-graduate work focused on career impacts on mental health and family functioning. She is a frequent contributor to a number of blogs, including “Psychology Today” and has been featured in the LA Times and other Tribune papers along with a number of specialized business publications and online programs.


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