Karen Reisman

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Books by Karen Reisman

  • Einstein's Cousin
  • Speaker on Business, Change, and Presentation Skills

Karen Cortrell Reisman, Texas inspirational speaker, puts on a one-woman show using letters her cousin, Albert Einstein, wrote to her grandmother. Her gripping keynote including excerpts from Einstein's private family letters inspires and motivates audiences to have an attitude of hope, resilience, and determination.  Karen is also a powerful communications and sales speaker along with being a presentation coach. She also helps others learn to "speak for yourself" so that others will listen, trust and buy from you. Karen has authored two books on presentation skills, communication, and sales. She writes a monthly column for a national magazine and is a 15 year member of the National Speakers Association.


Media files by Karen Reisman

  • Letters from Einstein Video

  • "Letters From Einstein: An Equation for Change" - Karen uses personal letters from Einstein, her cousin, in this inspirational message about resiliency and change. Learn to turn challenging times into opportunity. Be inspired to overcome obstacles and transitions. Laugh, listen, and learn - Use "Einstein-type" thinking to grow yourself and your business. Use Karen's equation to ignite your creativity. It's easier to understand than E=mc2!
  • The Naked Truth about S.E.X.: Skills that Elevate the "X Factor" - The "X Factor" refers to the indefinable "something" that makes for star quality. Every organization strives for this "X Factor" - a business or association that's fun, predictable & profitable. In this session you'll walk away with skills to elevate your "X Factor".
  • Did You Hear What I Didn't Say? How to Really Get Your Message Across! - In this humorous and content-filled program you'll learn how to maximize your message, build trust and rapport with your team, clients, and prospects; and turn a satisfied customer into 10 referrals. You will gain strategies to communicate so that your listener will remember and trust you. This program is for leaders, managers, and any employees that wish to improve their effectiveness.
  • Speak to Win: How to Give a Great Business Presentation
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  • Women's Conferences

Since 1992, Karen Cortell Reisman, M.S. has taught corporate and association audiences how to communicate, sell, and thrive.

Karen puts on a one-woman show using letters her cousin, Albert Einstein, wrote to her family in an inspirational message about resilience.  She helps her audiences learn how to:


  • Use "Einstein-type" thinking to grow their business 
  • Use Karen's equation to ignite their creativity. 
  • It's easier to understand than E=mc2! Gain a competitive edge 
Karen also speaks about how to Speak For Yourself so that others listen and trust you.  Speak For Yourself® programs and coaching teach audiences to:
  • Craft a compelling message
  • Establish trust with buyers
  • Boost profitability
  • Not throw up during a million dollar presentation!
Across North America and Europe, Karen's audiences have increased sales, enhanced productivity, and become better communicators.
Karen would have been her high school's Valedictorian if it weren't for a B in Home Economics due to lumpy blueberry muffins. But, she hasn't stopped speaking since.
Karen is the author of 2 books, a pithy blog, and numerous articles for national magazines. She’s also a frequent guest on a nationally syndicated radio program. Clients include: The American Heart Association, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Pizza Hut, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Elk-GAF, Intuit, Sprint, and Deloitte Touche.
Karen has one bachelor's degree, one master's degree, one longhorn cow named Bliss, one daughter, one son, and one husband.


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