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We all know people who have made major changes in their lives or their careers. Do you know someone who has quit smoking or lost a lot of weight? Do you know someone who has established a successful exercise program, improved their grades, built a profitable business, increased their sales, paid off their debts, or started a savings program?

If you were to question these people about their accomplishments, nine times out of ten, they would begin telling their story by saying, “I just decided…”

“I just decided…that I would quit smoking.”
“I just decided…that I was tired of being overweight.”
“I just decided…to exercise every day.”
“I just decided…that I could make better grades.”
“I just decided…to do whatever it took to make my business grow.”
“I just decided…to be a top salesperson.”
”I just decided…to be debt-free.”
”I just decided…to start saving a percentage of my income.”
“I just decided…to be a high-performance employee.”

They made a decision to do something, and then they made another decision – to stick to it once and for all – no excuses, no going back, no matter what.  The meaning of the word “decide” comes from the Latin word decidere, which literally means ”to cut off”. When we truly decide, we cut off other possibilities. By deciding, we arrive at a solution that ends uncertainty or dispute.

To get on track and to stay there, make a clear, irrevocable decision – a decision that is followed by decisive action.

Just decide…to give up bread and sweets. And then do it.
Just decide…to save a portion of your income. And then do it.
Just decide…to exercise at least 5 days a week. And then do it.
Just decide…to get up a half hour earlier each morning to enjoy a little quiet time. And then do it.
Just decide…to stay focused on a project that needs to be completed. And then do it.
Just decide…to let go of grudges, resentments, and past hurts. And then do it.

You have the power to change your life in an instant. And change begins with a decision.

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About Julie Alexander

greatdayssm_bookcoverChanging workplaces and lives, Julie Alexander brings humor and the tools to change workforces to every audience. She works with organizations that want positive, productive people and with people who want to make every day a great one.

From her own experience, she knows today’s women do it all. Julie’s programs give women hope, make them laugh, and remind them of just how special they really are. She shows people how to build better relationships and provides them with a new perspective – a fresh approach to life and work. Her programs focus on core elements of personal and professional success: Cooperation, Attitude, Responsibility, and Enthusiasm. Julie has idea’s, programs, and inspiration to help audiences have great days on and off the job.

As an active member of the National Speakers Association and past president of the National Speakers Association – North Texas chapter, Julie has been named that organization’s “Member of the Year”. She is also the recipient of the Joseph J. Charbonneau Award, the highest honor given by NSA – North Texas.

Julie is the author of the books entitled Great Days: 50 Ways to Add Energy, Enthusiasm, & Enjoyment to Your Life and Make Life Count. Julie is the perfect speaker to boost the morale of organizations and make events a “great day” for people.

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