Jill Griffin

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Books by Jill Griffin

  • Leading Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • Author of "Taming the Search-and-Switch Customer: in a Compulsion-to-Compare World"
  • Former National Brand Manager for AmeriSuites & brand manager at RJR/Nabisco

Texas customer service speaker, Jill Griffin, empowers firms to get, keep, grow and win back high value customers. Clients served include Microsoft, Subaru, Hewlett Packard, Marriott Hotels, Ford Motor Company, Dell, Western Union and The American Public Power Association. Jill Griffin is an award-winning loyalty book author, consultant, speaker, corporate board director of a NYSE company and international business school trustee. As a Texas customer service speaker, Jill Griffin is an author of three award-winning books: Customer Loyalty, Customer Winback (co-authored with Michael Lowenstein) and Taming the Search-and-Switch Customer: Earning Customer Loyalty in a Compulsion-to-Compare World.



Media files by Jill Griffin

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  • Customer Loyalty: How to Earn It, How to Keep It - Based on the how-to principles captured in Texas customer service speaker Jill Griffin's Harvard "Working Knowledge" book by the same name, this program teaches participants a proven process for turning non-buyers into loyal advocates.
  • Taming the Search-And-Switch Customer: Drawing from her ground-breaking book by the same name, Texas customer service speaker Jill Griffin addresses these tough, complex realities with proven solutions every B2B and B2C firm can harness.
  • Customer Winback- How to Recapture Lost Customers and Keep Them Loyal: Adapted from Texas customer service speaker Jill Griffin's award-winning co-authored book by the same name, your custom-tailored presentation can address a wide range of win back learning objectives.
  • Inside the Loyalty Laboratory- Building Customer Relationships that Last: In this session Texas customer service speaker Jill Griffin examines the best practices of firms that have transformed their organizations into living "loyalty laboratories."
  • Turning Call Center Agents Into Loyalty Makers:
  • Call center agents are your customer loyalty makers of the future. Why? Because, for many companies, the front line has moved from the store to the customer contact center where agents interact with customers. Texas customer service speaker Jill Griffin will show you how to make your employees loyalty makers.
  • Escaping The Commodity Trap- Earning Customer Loyalty in a Low-Bid World: A big threat to your firm's success is commoditization-the process through which your product or service becomes so common place that differentiation becomes difficult and lowest price rules. Texas customer service speaker Jill Griffin in this program will show you how to beat the commodity trap.
  • Earning Customer Referrals- How to Turn Customers Into Advocates: Getting happy customers to spread the word is your best source of advertising. Yet, most firms fall short on strategies for driving positive word-of-mouth. Texas customer service speaker Jill Griffin will show you these strategies in her keynote.
  • Selling By Serving: Designed for customer care and customer service , Texas customer service speaker Jill Griffin this program teaches attendees why serving means selling and why selling means serving.
  • Delivering the "Wow" Customer Experience: In this program, Texas customer service speaker Jill Griffin will show you how to distill what your customers value most about your brand and how to apply that information to design and deliver a compelling experience that turns your buyers into passionate advocates.
  • Heart, Hustle and Heroes- Getting Top Performance From Your Customer Team: Texas customer service speaker Jill Griffin will teach you how to make employees your firm's #1 competitive advantage.
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Women's Conferences

Texas customer service speaker Jill Griffin serves as corporate director on numerous boards: public and private, for-profit and not-for-profit. She knows first-hand the importance of keeping customer-focused initiatives on every board’s radar screen.

Since 2002, Jill Griffin has served on the Board of Directors of Luby’s, Inc. (NYSE: LUB), and helped oversee the restaurant chain’s critical turnaround. In four short years, Luby’s returned to profitability, paid off all debt, enhanced shareholder value and restored its storied Brand to prominence by winning back lapsed customers and wooing new ones. (Luby’s employs approximately 7,000 employees across 126+ restaurant locations, primarily in Texas.)

Croatia, Iceland, Slovakia, Scotland, Spain, Great Britain — these are some of the international sites which have sponsored Texas customer service speaker Jill Griffin's keynotes and seminars. Each of her Loyalty Maker™ presentations is “painfully customized” and loaded with audience-specific how-to’s, wrapped around real-world stories and case studies. Jill Griffin's in-the-trenches leadership and experience, married with her high energy, fun-loving platform style, make her a real stand-out among international speakers.

Jill Griffin's Loyalty University delivers “Big Three” know-how tailored three ways: for individual learners, businesses and boards. Her “Campus of Learning” is comprised of three colleges – the College of Customer Loyalty, the College of Customer Win Back, and the College of Search-and-Switch Management – each brimming with practical, proven learning solutions. Using the “Skills Finder” guide, clients pinpoint their learning priorities and,from there, jump-starts Loyalty University custom tailors a recommended training curriculum. “No “on size fits all” solutions on this campus!” says Provost Griffin.

Dell, Microsoft, Ford Motor Company, Subaru, Marriott Hotels, Hewlett Packard, Cendant, IBM, AMD, Wells Fargo, Western Union, Sprint, Toyota are some of the Fortune 500 organizations which have sought Jill Griffin's loyalty-maker solutions and welcomed her deep inside their conference rooms, call centers and customer sites.

Texas customer speaker Jill Griffin is the recipient of the 2003 Distinguished Alumna Award for the University of South Carolina Moore School of Business (received alongside Larry Kellner, Chairman and CEO of Continental Airlines) from which she holds MBA and Bachelor of Science degrees, Magna Cum Laude. In 2009, Jill was appointed to the USC Moore School of Business Foundation Board of Trustees.

In her early career, Jill Griffin served as senior brand manager for RJR/Nabisco’s largest brand and distinguished herself as one of the youngest brand managers in the corporation’s history. From RJR/Nabisco, Jill Griffin joined AmeriSuites Hotels (in its start-up phase), leading the firm’s Sales and Marketing troops in the nationwide launch of the brand. She founded Griffin Group in 1988 and signed AmeriSuites as her first client.

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