Houston Speakers Bureau – Motivational Speaker, Theresa Behenna on How The Olympics Can Boost Your Work Performance

Houston Texas Speakers Bureau presents Theresa Behenna on How The Olympics Can Boost Your Work Performance.
 From Russia With Love 
The Winter Olympics are in full swing as the world watches athletes dreams being realized and shattered depending on their performance.

Your work performance may not get you a medal but there are relevant lessons to be learned from Olympics coach Bob Bowman – the guy who trained THE most decorated Olympian – swimmer Michael Phelps.

 1. Ditch the ‘one size fits all’ attitude

Managers need to learn what motivates an employee.
Some respond to logic, others want to be left alone to
work their way. There’s no cookie cutter approach.

2. Determine your gold standard      

  Each organization has a certain standard that
everyone needs to buy into. Be a little better today
than you were yesterday and you’ll live up to it.

3. Continue to develop your skills      

    Good judgement comes from experience and experience
comes from bad judgements. You learn the most from mistakes
as they are opportunities to change what’s not working.

The Russians put on quite a performance to show the world they are a power player.

Show your organization you’re a team player by taking these tips to bring home the gold!       

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About Theresa Behenna

Theresa Behenna is a Texas-based performance expert, award winning speaker, internationally acclaimed pianist, emcee, author and recording artist. She has appeared around the world performing before celebrities like Andrew Lloyd Webber, Matt Lauer, Elton John, ‘James Bond’ and Andrea Bocelli and in 2006 Coca Cola chose her to perform at the Winter Olympics in Italy.

Using popular songs and mastery of the piano to illustrate success principles along with Aussie humor, original stories and a motivational message, Theresa’s inspirational, entertaining keynotes have been in demand by associations, corporations and non profit organizations.  Her unique style of playing the piano to emphasize relevant points has resulted in a universal appeal that energizes and uplifts a wide range of audiences.

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