Gary Sheely

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Books by Gary Sheely

  • An Entertaining Illusionist that speaks on change, communication & personal development
  • Author of: "Cutting Away: Finding Courage for Radical Life-Changing"

Gary Sheely is “The Accidental Entertainer.”  A 30 year veteran of speaking and training, he didn’t set out to be just happened.  From his university classroom to stage illusionist to skydiving instructor and even church pulpit, people laugh when he talks.  What started out as an expose’ and parody of psychic readers became a hilarious entertaining game with his audiences. His most requested program is “Can You Say that with a Straight Face?” combines illusion and the art of reading body language into a fascinating and funny program that keeps his audiences laughing and leaves them smarter. Texas illusionist, Gary Sheely blends his unique brand of magic and illusions into his presentations about dealing with change, communication, body language, and networking fun to help audiences laugh, learn, and be amazed.


Media files by Gary Sheely

  • Introduction Video
  • Gary Sheely Speech Clip

  • Gary Sheely makes learning about change, personal development, communication, body language, and networking fun. He blends his unique brand of magic and illusions into his presentations to help the audience laugh, learn, and be amazed.
  • Some of Gary's programs include:
  • Crisis or Commerce...The Trio of Traits you need to Survive and Succeed
  • Shooting Yourself in the Foot...Defeating the Diabolical Duo of Self-Sabotage
  • Learning from Really Bad Ideas!
  • Basic Skills for New Managers
  • 5 Simple Communication Disciplines that can Transform your Personal and Professional Life Overnight
  • Building Wealth and Security on Any Income
  • Entertainment & Body Language: Can You Say that With a Straight Face
  • Communicating and Connecting When The Stakes Are High (e.g. sales and management situations)
  • Counter-Intuitive Networking: Becoming interesting to other people while getting them to champion your cause & get you leads
  • Relationships and Families: Communication and Relationship Building at Home
  • Request Topic Outline
  • Banquet Speakers
  • Business
  • Change
  • Christian / Faith-Based
  • Comedy / Comedians
  • Communication
  • Emcee's and Moderators
  • Entertainers
  • Humorists
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Magicians & Illusionists
  • Motivational
  • Networking
  • Trainers

Texas illusionist and humorous conference speaker, Gary Sheely’s diverse roles as skydiving instructor, stage illusionist, author, corporate chaplain and popular university instructor combine to provide a one-of-a-kind presentation which will entertain and challenge any audience. Gary connects with his audiences quickly and easily, and was recognized in 2008 as Faculty of the Year for his adjunct instruction at a Tulsa university. He has spent three decades observing, challenging and overcoming his own comfort zones, denials and fears, and has outlined his seasoned and personal insights in his upcoming book, “Cutting Away: Finding Courage for Radical Life-Change,” available by November of ’09.

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