Austin Speakers Bureau – Motivational Speaker, Jim Bearden on Our Feelings & the Emotional Consequences of the Mental Choices We Make

Austin Texas Speakers Bureau presents Jim Bearden on Our Feelings & the Emotional Consequences of the Mental Choices We Make.
Here’s an idea I’ve had about the scope—and the power—of the choices only we can make.
It’s a 2-part idea, and I call it The Rule and The Application.
The Rule
Only you can choose the quality of your days (your life).
The Application
To have exceptional days (an exceptional life),
Stop looking for exceptions to The Rule!
My point is that the quality of our lives is an inside-out phenomenon.
As I’ve written in a previous article, the outside factors we encounter have an impact on us, but ultimately the choices we make about those outside factors have more impact on us than the factors themselves.
It seems that the more I pursue my inside-out theories, the more I learn about myself and the more opportunities life gives me to practice. One of the things I’ve discovered, is that I’ve wasted a lot of energy reacting to the outside factors I’ve encountered and pretty much ignored the role I’ve played in empowering those factors.
In this article I’d like to share with you some steps for taking back at least some of the power we mistakenly believe we’ve given away.
Step One: Identify One of Your Pet Peeves
Start by identifying just one of your pet peeves. Pick a person, behavior, situation or circumstance that you really get upset about, or that “hurts your feelings”. Other people’s behavior is a popular category for pet peeves. Spouse—current or former—can usually be counted on to provide excellent pet peeves. Of course there’s the ever-popular category of “other drivers”. So pick one of your personal favorite pet peeves, since it represents an exception you’re making to The Rule.
Step Two: Identify the Feelings You Have When You Encounter Your Pet Peeve
I’m actually skipping a step in the sequence, but it’ll make sense when we get there. For now, describe the feelings you experience when you encounter this pet peeve. Do you become angry, frustrated, anxious, resentful, indignant or any combination or variation thereof? Remember, it’s these emotions that make this pet peeve a pet peeve, right? If you didn’t experience negative emotions it wouldn’t be a peeve. Here’s another important fact about our emotions: they’re the factors we use to evaluate the quality of our days.
Step Three: Identify the Thoughts You Choose to “Fill the Gap”
Finally, let’s go back to the step I skipped, the one that connects the event (pet peeve) with our emotions. You see, there’s a gap between our perception of the event and our feelings, and we fill that gap—we connect the event to our feelings—with our thoughts. The outside event is a trigger, but it doesn’t trigger our feelings, it triggers our thoughts. Our thoughts create our feelings.
So for this step, simply describe the thoughts you routinely have about your pet peeve. Since you’ve identified this event as a pet peeve, you’ve probably encountered it many times, and what that means is that the thoughts you have about it are probably automatic. In order to accurately identify those thoughts, you may have to replay the event in your mind or step back from it the next time your encounter it.
Remember, the feelings you have about the events in your life are only symptoms. Your thoughts about those events are the cause, and since you’re trying to improve the quality of your days (your life), the only way to make real progress is by focusing on the cause.

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