Ed Foreman

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Books by Ed Foreman

  • Former Texas Congressman
  • Humorist & Motivational Keynote Speaker

Few speakers, if any, are better qualified to motivate, inspire and educate by their own example than Ed Foreman. …from a poor farm boy to a self-made millionaire by the age of 26 and a former United States Congressman from two different states. He became a personal friend and advisor to six U. S. Presidents, including George W. Bush. Ed Foreman travels 200,000 miles a year, sharing his renowned message of “Successful Daily Living” with people all around the world. He’s an informed, dynamic leader who will give you a wake-up call you’ll never forget. His program is a practical, common-sense approach on how to achieve happy, healthy, successful daily living… 



Media files by Ed Foreman

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  • How to Make Every Day A Terrific Day!
  • Making Quality Performance a Lifestyle
  • The Winning Leadership Way: Passion, Performance, and Relationships
  • Acquiring the Basic Habit Patterns of Winners
  • Developing and Maintaining a Winning Spirit
  • Laughing, Loving & Living Your Way to the Good Life
  • How to Get What'cha Want With What'cha Got
  • Turning Worry and Stress Into Happiness and Success
  • Attaining Dynamic Physical Health for Mental Alertness
  • Achieving Your Potential: Success Generating Strategies
  • Building A Winning Organization: The Power of the Positive Self
  • Personality Profiles to Help You Sell and Lead
  • A Healthy Body + A Positive Mind = Personal Excellence
  • Get More done in Less Time by Managing Your Life Comfortably
  • Handling Change and Dealing With Difficult People
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If there were a way you could deal with difficult personalities more effectively, handle tough situations more comfortably, and make every day a terrific day, you’d probably be interested…wouldn’t you?  

If anyone is up to the challenge of helping us to achieve that, Ed Foreman is the one!  

From a poor farm kid to a self-made millionaire at 26, Ed Foreman is the only person to be elected to the United States Congress from two different states in over 150 years!  (Texas & New Mexico).  He has enjoyed a close working relationship with six U. S. Presidents and has served in both the U. S. Navy and the U. S. Air Force.

Ed holds an Honorary Doctorate of Letters Degree from New Mexico State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. He is a member of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.  He is a motorcycle, sports car, and hot air balloon enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer and international traveler.

Ed was “positively” featured on CBS News’ “60 Minutes.” In addition to his internationally popular 3-day SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course, Ed “tailors” presentations using his client’s terminology and themes to address specific areas of interest.

He is a board member, officer, or major stockholder of a dozen successful corporations in real estate, construction, restaurants, transportation and petroleum development.  He has been recognized for his remarkable leadership, worldwide, in the special education and counseling of more than 30,000 graduates of his renowned, life-enhancing SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking, and minister to millions, said, “Ed Foreman is a highly inspirational person. I’d like to be exposed to him more often.  There is truth, meaning and life in what he teaches.”

He is an informative and entertaining speaker who delivers a memorable, powerful message that will favorably impact your life for the better.

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