Dave Lieber

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Books by Dave Lieber

  • Former Columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Texas Celebrity Speaker, Business Speaker & Humorist

For more than 30 years, DAVE LIEBER, Texas humorist, storyteller and award-winning columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, has used stories to change the world. Because of his ability to combine real-life experiences with outstanding storytelling skills, Dave is consistently rated by audiences as one of their favorite conference speakers. He is a member of the National Speakers Association.   The winner of the coveted Will Rogers Humanitarian Award from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists for his good deeds in the community, Dave was also named Best Columnist in the American Southwest.   His motivational, inspirational and delightful keynote speeches, seminars and workshops always bring results and smiles to conference planners and Texas audiences.


Media files by Dave Lieber

  • TEDx The power of storytelling to change the world
  • Yankee Cowboy Video 1
  • Yankee Cowboy Video 2
  • Yankee Cowboy Video 3
  • Full Video

  • Comedy Keynote: If a New Yorker Can Make it in Texas, Imagine What You Could Do!
  • Inspiration/Motivation Keynote: The Ultimate Communicator: How to Say What You Mean and Get What You Want! - Today's economic climate: Few people. Few words. Few dollars. More than ever, communicating with your external customers and internal colleagues is crucial to success and survival. Learn powerful ideas that can help you today.
  • Marketing You: Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out in a Cluttered World
  • Become a Citizen of Watchdog Nation: Bite Back When Businesses and Scammers Do You Wrong.
  • Changing the World One Child at a Time (aimed at volunteer/non-profits, etc.)
  • The Secrets of Storytelling: How to Get on the Front Page and the 6 o'clock News
  • How to Self-Publish: Live Your Writing Dream and Make a Profit.
  • How to Bring Humor to Your Writing (or Workplace)
  • Tap Into Your Writer's Muse: Way to Stoke Your Creative Flames
  • The Best Kept Secrets of Writing: How "New Journalism" Techniques Make You a Better Writer
  • Bringing Out the Best of Your Board (training on creativity, management, motivation for non-profit boards of directors)
  • Jumpstart Your Dream: How to Achieve Your Personal and Business Goals When You Have a Full-Time Job/Life
  • Marketing You: Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out in a Cluttered World
  • Customer Service, Taught by a Hateful Yankee Turned Reformed Polite Texan
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If you care about getting the word out about your organization and the great things you do, Dave shows audiences how to promote your good works and accomplishments on to the front page of your newspaper and on the evening news. His storytelling techniques show how easy it is to create publicity and promotions that enable your message, as he says, to walk across the newsroom on to the front page.

Or if you care about improving morale, enhancing customer service, creating a stronger team concept, Dave's fun storytelling speech helps you achieve your goals without listeners realizing they are "learning."

When you gather your people in a room for a special occasion event, the key is to bring to the audience true meaning to the words "special" and "occasion" and "event."

Using laughter and inspiration, the audience responds in both conscious and subconscious ways.

Dave is an award-winning columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in Texas. As a young boy growing up in Manhattan, he hosted a television show live on NBC national television on Saturday mornings. He also sang in the Metropolitan Opera children's chorus. Dave says he peaked at age 14. But the Northeastern lad settled in Texas, where he is known far and wide as "The Yankee Cowboy."

Dave is co-founder of Summer Santa, Inc., one of the largest children's charities in North Texas. Each year, Summer Santa distributes thousands of new toys to needy area children, sends hundreds of children to summer camps, buys back-to-school clothing and school supplies for dozens more and offers free medical checkups for children who otherwise could not afford to see a doctor.

Dave's annual Yankee Cowboy Miniature Golf & Bowling Tournament was a major fundraiser for the program. And as Dave designed it, Summer Santa is run entirely by volunteers with no office expense or paid staff. 

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