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Dana Hee

  • Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Hollywood Stuntwoman
  • Motivational Speaker
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$10,000 - $12,500
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Austin, TX

Dana Hee is an Olympic Gold Medalist, Award-WinningStuntwoman, and 3x Hall of Fame Martial Artist. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she was abandoned at the age of 3 and raised in an orphanage for 8 years before ending up on the streets, then in Half-Way Houses, a Government Shelter and finally a Foster Home at

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Dana Hee has been inspiring audiences with herstories of victory ever since she won the gold medal in Taekwondo in the Seoul Olympic Games. No one, not even her Olympic coach believed she would win. Even her former high school track coach proclaimed her a ‘looser.’

From a childhood of abandonment, abuse and despair, she lived in an orphanage, on the streets, Half-Way Houses, a Government Shelter and finally a Foster Home. Even with the help of society’s ‘safety-net,’ she grew up thinking she was not good enough, and never would be!

Yet Dana’s journey along that rocky road to Olympic gold changed her thinking from “I can’t,” to “I can!” From there, she followed her dreams and passions, becoming an Award-Winning Stuntwoman performing for top actresses on Block-Buster films for 15 years before venturing successfully into the world of Publicity and Speaking.

If this sounds easy, it wasn’t. Even in her late40’s she experienced physical, financial, and emotional issues that brought her to her knees once again. But she never quits. For according to Dana, “The only thing worse than failure is being too afraid to even try!”

Today, she has traveled around the world speaking with audiences of up to 45K attendees.

Now at the age of 53, she is again sharing her stories from Olympics, Hollywood and Life to show others just how much is truly possible.

“Nothing can beat a human spirit that is determined to succeed,” says Dana; “Adversity can only delay success.”

Dana’s warmth, passion and determination are certain to inspire and delight any audience. Her tools of success help others achieve. And her words of empowerment elevate the human spirit.

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