Dallas Speakers Bureau – Olympic & Motivational Speaker, Vince Poscente on “The Heroic Leader”

Have you noticed people are increasingly uncertain of their future? This visceral doubt ingnites fear. Here’s the antidote to this pervasive type of trepidation:

The Heroic Leader

If you are in a leadership position, simply stating your vision of the future is not enough. (psst… if your lips are moving, you’re in a position of leadership )

There are five, essential character traits that will make your words resonate and generate much-needed optimism.

These same traits are abundant in everyday heroes.

Heroic Leaders are:

  1. Compassionate – They have a level of empathy that supersedes ego. Leaders without ego can see past themselves to the people they serve. Not convinced? Imagine a leader without compassion. Imagine a leader with attributes of hate, meanness, callousness or ruthlessness. Be compassionate!
  2. Fearless – It is impossible for us mere mortals to have zero fear. But, a hero finds a way to fear less. Leaders who understand fear is not a long term motivator can engage sustained loyalty. How? Better than comments that instill fear, point out the dysfunction followed by a loving solution (see compassion). Fear less!
  3. Humble – There is a magnetism to humility. Heroes in our world never self-identify as heroes. They simply acted our of an ego-less, natural instinct. “It was the right thing to do.” True, magnetic leaders don’t DO humble. They ARE humble. Their innate mantra is, “It’s not about me. It’s about the people I serve.” Be humble!
  4. Selfless – Heroes who fear less, are compassionate and humble are naturally selfless. Leaders who are self indulgent or selfish can find themselves alone on the front line. Think more about others. In turn, they will join you. Be selfless!
  5. Persistent – Heroes never give up. Persistent leaders will gather an army of believers. Persist, persist, persist!

Each of us embody some of these heroic character traits, but we can always improve in all of them. Challenge yourself to grow your compassion, fearlessness, humility, selflessness and persistence.

Do this and fear will dissipate, while a clear, bright future will unfold.

About Vince Poscente

Peak Performance Strategist, Olympian, Speaker, Author, Father, Chair Guy

Vince Poscente knows a little something about focus, commitment, and defying the odds. At age 26, he decided to take up speed skiing and pursue it competitively. Only 4 years later, he was vying for Gold in the Winter Olympics. Now an internationally sought speaker and consultant, Vince is the founder of Be Invinceable Group. With his infectious energy, warmth, and humor, Vince makes each keynote speech and consulting engagement as memorable as it is valuable. Combining lessons from his remarkable Olympic experience with leadership insights from his highly successful business career, Vince has developed a series of proven strategies for attaining and sustaining peak performance, on both an individual and corporate level. Audiences learn how to apply his time-tested techniques to ignite their vision, execute their strategies, and eclipse their competition.

This busy husband and father of three also reserves plenty of time for his family; perhaps it is not surprising that a man who delivers much of his keynote atop a chair would value balance. And, though he may not be clocking in under 16.5 seconds anymore, he still can be found on skis and in a pink suit from time to time.

Vince at a Glance (present and past):

CEO of a business consulting firm Managing Partner in a Media/Communications agency

Master’s Degree in Organizational Management

CSP, CPAE (Certified Speaking Professional, Council of Peers Award)

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