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Bryan Flanagan

  • Served as Director of Corporate Training for Zig Ziglar
  • Founder of Flanagan Training Group
Speaker Fees
Keynote: $6,500
Full Day: $7,500
Traveling From
Dallas, Texas

Bryan Flanagan’s experience as a seasoned sales professional can be put to work for you!    He began his career as a delivery boy for the IBM Corporation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He then invested the next 14 years with IBM as a salesman, a “people” manager, and a sales instructor at IBM’s national training

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Fourteen years separated Bryan Flanagan from her meager beginnings as a delivery boy at IBM and his first introduction to Zig Ziglar in 1984 as a gifted, polished, speaker and trainer. Bryan’s career with IBM saw him advance through sales and management using material he learned from Zig’s first book so effectively that he decided he wanted to be associated with the man who had helped him achieve success.

In the years since, Bryan has proven himself a top corporate trainer who has a special passion for salespeople. He places great emphasis on the importance of skills training and has developed, written and delivered material on presenting skills, leadership principles and sales training. In the capacity of Director of Corporate Training for Ziglar Training Systems Bryan became known as the consummate professional and as a loyal team player who is an encouragement to all.

Bryan Flanagan holds audiences spellbound one moment and has them holding their sides in uproarious laughter the next. His sessions are lively, fun, fast paced, and full of interaction. He has an intuitive sense for the needs of each of his audiences and he doesn’t mind telling you how he got that intuition… its called interviews! He calls or meets with clients in advance of his engagement to discover their unique needs and he customizes his training. Bryan sincerely cares about meeting the needs of those he has been called on to help.

Regardless of the topics, whether presentation or communication skills, sales or personal growth, Bryan has the ability to teach what management, support staff, supervisors, and other members of your organization need to learn to be the best they can be. Anyone who has been taught by Bryan will be educated and encouraged and they won’t be late getting home! Bryan is known for always being on the mark when it comes to following a schedule. He does what he says he’ll do in the time frame you specify.

It is easy for Bryan to make any meeting planner look good – he offers ½ day, full day, 2 and 3-day classes. Do you need someone to get your novice salespeople off to a good start? Bryan is your man. Do you need someone to build a fire under sales people who’ve gotten stale and settled into a lackluster routine of mediocrity? Enlist Bryan. Are you frustrated because you have people who don’t want to be in sales but their position requires it? Ask Bryan to teach them that you don’t have to be a professional sales person when you can learn how to be a professional who knows how to sell.

Your company will be more productive after Bryan has taught them Essential Presentation Skills, a program for anyone who has to communicate critical information, inside the company for external presentations.

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Bryan Flanagan in Media

Speaker Programs

Ready! Set! Grow!
Bryan teaches how to grow your sales numbers to an exponential amount
Timid Salespeople Have Skinny Kids!!!
In this presentation, Bryan discusses the right way to sale, sale, sale!
Wait For Me! I Am Your Leader!
Do you struggle with displaying leadership to your team? Bryan will go point by point how to become an effective leader. ...more
Do you struggle with displaying leadership to your team? Bryan will go point by point how to become an effective leader. ...less


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