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Jack Bacon

  • Lecturer of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
  • Founding member of the Science National Honor Society
  • Recipient of the US Government's Exceptional Achievement Medal

Traveling From: Houston, Texas

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Hank Moore

  • Futurist
  • Corporate Strategist

Traveling From: Texas

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Scott Parazynski, MD

  • Former Astronaut, Physician, Mountaineer
  • Flew 5 Space Shuttle Missions and conducted 7 spacewalks (EVAs)
  • Filmed on Discovery Channel's 3rd season of: "Everest: Beyond the Limit"

Traveling From: Houston, TX

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Don Reynolds

  • The Entertaining Economist!
  • Analyst in long-term trends in economics, demographics, and technology

Traveling From: Dallas, Texas

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Glenn Watkins

  • 34 years experience as NASA's aerospace engineer & manager
  • Helped design the Space Shuttle with 15 innovations on the propulsion systems

Traveling From: Austin, TX

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