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Dallas Speakers Bureau – Management Speaker, Tim Durkin on 4 Tests to Determine if You are Leading or Managing

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Dallas Texas Speakers Bureau presenter, Tim Durkin, discusses 4 Tests to Determine if You are Leading or Managing.

One of the most costly mistakes senior management can make during challenging times is to over-manage and under-lead. Over the years I have been asked many times to describe the difference between leading and managing. Describing the difference wasn’t enough. I felt it was important to come up with a description of the difference in a way that would provide crystal clarity about which discipline — leading or managing — the person was employing at any point in time. More important than knowing the difference is knowing how to balance both.

Here are four guidelines.

1. Managers provide heat. Leaders provide light. If the typical reader of this publication were asked what industry or business they are in, chances are the response would be “healthcare.” That’s not entirely accurate. Senior managers in any industry are in the energy management business. The primary job is to manage the energy of themselves and others. High school physics taught us that the classic definition of work is energy applied to a task. Read the rest of this entry »