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Dallas Speakers Bureau – Sales Speaker, Stu Schlackman discussing how Sales Coaching Achieves Superior Sales Results

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Dallas Texas Speakers Bureau presenter, Stu Schlackman, discussing how Sales Coaching Achieves Superior Sales Results.

Why Sales Coaching?

 As a sales leader your days go by quickly. You are constantly multi-tasking, addressing a variety of issues, looking at reports and often reach the end of the day without being involved in a single sales conversation. If you didn’t, you might have

missed the opportunity to ask your key sales personnel what they’re thinking about what’s going on and how things are going. Honestly, how often do you make the opportunity to sit down with each of your sales people and ask them what’s working and what’s not. With a full plate of day to day tactical decisions, it’s very easy to miss the opportunity to allot 15-30 minutes a day to sit down and ask the most important question, “How can I help”? You may wonder, whether sales coaching really makes a difference? Or, can you just tell them what to do and then get out of their way. Statistics reveal an interesting story.

Sales coaching is critical to your team’s success. Statistics show that effective sales coaching will help to achieve 107% of quota on average for each of your sales people. In fact the Harvard Business Review says good sales coaching will increase sales productivity by 19%! As the leader, you will have a stronger relationship with your reps and the rep will feel valued as a contributing member of the team.

One of the biggest issues in sales is turnover. Sales coaching has proven effective for improving your sales team’s retention rate and loyalty, therefore reducing turnover. Research varies, but on average, it costs about 6 months of the person’s income to turn that position over – that’s a huge direct cost, not to mention the loss of momentum. With this impact to your bottom line, sales retention is critical to your long term success. So, your effectiveness as a successful coach will result in lower turnover and higher profitability.

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