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Texas Speakers Bureau – Life Balance Speaker, Bryan Dodge on “Taming Our Alligators”

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

We all have alligators of varying strengths, some bigger than others. Just like in the swamp, one really big alligator can affect the behavior of all the others.

Alligators you say? What are you referring to here? All I have is a pet cat!

I’m talking about those things in life that feed your self-esteem, the things that you can either have working for you or working against you. A bad alligator feeds fear and keeps you from taking steps to move forward, and from becoming a better person. They lead you to hide your weaknesses which in turn become bigger than your strengths. On the other hand a good alligator can stir your spirit, enabling you to find the muscle to look at the mirror and say “I’ve had enough!” Choosing to stand up for yourself and fighting back builds the momentum you need to reinforce positive thoughts.

You will never be rewarded with a better life until you are ready to fight back for a better you! Read the rest of this entry »

Texas Speakers Bureau – Motivational Speaker, Jim Bearden on “Accountability In Action…Taking Ownership of the Situations You Encounter”

Friday, September 15th, 2017


A company I’ve done work for provides a great example of this principle. This company’s employees are the people who close real estate transactions, the people who compile the mile-high stacks of documents that have to be signed by buyers and sellers at the closing table.

Several years ago, when interest rates went into a free for all, their business took off. That increase came from the thousands of homeowners who wanted to refinance their homes. During that “boom” the closers “didn’t have time” to maintain contact with their traditional sources of business, realtors.

And then the refinance craze was over. The pool of homeowners who were able and willing to refinance their homes dried up, and interest rates began climbing. I guess you could call this a situation the closers encountered. Some of them took ownership of that situation, and some didn’t.

Realizing that they could no longer rely on business coming to them, some closers began renewing their relationships with realtors. The ones who didn’t take ownership simply waited, wished and hoped for the real estate community to “come to their rescue”. The closers who took ownership of this situation still experienced dips in their business. But because of their timely, aggressive actions, those dips were relatively shallow and short-lived.

Here’s another way of describing this ownership principle:

Negative situations like setbacks and/or unexpected, unpleasant changes, provide excellent but difficult opportunities for leaders to model accountability and take ownership.

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Dallas Speakers Bureau – Motivational Speaker, Jim Whitt on A Perfect Fit

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013


Dallas Texas Speakers Bureau presenter, Jim Whitt, on A Perfect Fit.

As a young actor, Michael Caine was struggling to make a living. One day while in the waiting room of a casting agency, the owner asked him for his coat size and inseam length. Caine told him that he wore a size 40 jacket and his inseam measured 32 inches. The casting agent waved him into his office and told him he would be playing a policeman in a small film the next day. He was selected solely because the wardrobe company’s policeman’s uniform matched his measurements. Michael Caine got the job because he was “a perfect fit” for the role.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger first showed up in Hollywood, the experts said he’d never make it. His name was too long, his accent was too thick and he just didn’t have the right build. At the time he just wasn’t the prototype of a leading man by Hollywood’s standards. So what happens? Arnold becomes a box office money machine. It turns out that his accent is just right, his build is perfect and nobody has a problem pronouncing Schwarzenegger. Arnold created the new prototype for Hollywood’s leading man.

A half century before Arnold made the scene, the screen test assessment of another Hollywood hopeful sounded dismal:  “Slightly bald, can’t sing, can dance a little.” They were right — he was slightly bald and he couldn’t sing — but Fred Astaire could dance more than just a little.

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Houston Speakers Bureau – Motivational Keynote Speaker, Dayna Steele discussing how Second Best Won’t Get You Where You Want To Be

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Houston Texas Speakers Bureau presenter, Dayna Steele, discussing how Second Best Won’t Get You Where You Want To Be .

“Second best is good enough.” That is the saying on a coffee cup a friend received at an annual company meeting. Seriously.

I’m not perfect but I’m better than the other choices. That was from one of the seemingly thousands vying for the Republican presidential nomination.

No. No. No.

That’s from me every time I hear or see something like this.

Life is too short to have anything but delusional notions about yourself.

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Dallas Speakers Bureau – Former Dallas Maverick & Texas Motivational Speaker, Walter Bond discusses how Mental Toughness Is Key

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Dallas Texas Speakers Bureau presenter, Walter Bond, discussing how Mental Toughness is Key.

I think the best benefit I received from being a professional athlete was not the money, fame or fortune my family enjoyed but the mentality I developed to get there.  Successful athletes have amazing mental discipline, confidence and have command of their thought process.  A successful athlete expects success because all he or she thinks about all day is being successful and winning. .  As an advisor, do you think about winning all day long? I never thought about losing, only winning.   I have carried that same mentality into my business and have found out that it works here too.  The successful mentality I developed in sports has allowed me to become the best in the world in two different industries.  Which, confirms to me how you think will govern how well you produce.  Your mentality will define who you are.  As a man thinks so is he.  

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