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Dallas Speakers Bureau – Former Dallas Maverick & Texas Motivational Speaker, Walter Bond discusses how Mental Toughness Is Key

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Dallas Texas Speakers Bureau presenter, Walter Bond, discussing how Mental Toughness is Key.

I think the best benefit I received from being a professional athlete was not the money, fame or fortune my family enjoyed but the mentality I developed to get there.  Successful athletes have amazing mental discipline, confidence and have command of their thought process.  A successful athlete expects success because all he or she thinks about all day is being successful and winning. .  As an advisor, do you think about winning all day long? I never thought about losing, only winning.   I have carried that same mentality into my business and have found out that it works here too.  The successful mentality I developed in sports has allowed me to become the best in the world in two different industries.  Which, confirms to me how you think will govern how well you produce.  Your mentality will define who you are.  As a man thinks so is he.  

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