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Dallas Speakers Bureau – Workplace Speaker, Julie Alexander on Just Decide

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

julie-alexanderWe all know people who have made major changes in their lives or their careers. Do you know someone who has quit smoking or lost a lot of weight? Do you know someone who has established a successful exercise program, improved their grades, built a profitable business, increased their sales, paid off their debts, or started a savings program?

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Dallas Speakers Bureau – Motivational Speaker, Jim Whitt on A Perfect Fit

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013


Dallas Texas Speakers Bureau presenter, Jim Whitt, on A Perfect Fit.

As a young actor, Michael Caine was struggling to make a living. One day while in the waiting room of a casting agency, the owner asked him for his coat size and inseam length. Caine told him that he wore a size 40 jacket and his inseam measured 32 inches. The casting agent waved him into his office and told him he would be playing a policeman in a small film the next day. He was selected solely because the wardrobe company’s policeman’s uniform matched his measurements. Michael Caine got the job because he was “a perfect fit” for the role.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger first showed up in Hollywood, the experts said he’d never make it. His name was too long, his accent was too thick and he just didn’t have the right build. At the time he just wasn’t the prototype of a leading man by Hollywood’s standards. So what happens? Arnold becomes a box office money machine. It turns out that his accent is just right, his build is perfect and nobody has a problem pronouncing Schwarzenegger. Arnold created the new prototype for Hollywood’s leading man.

A half century before Arnold made the scene, the screen test assessment of another Hollywood hopeful sounded dismal:  “Slightly bald, can’t sing, can dance a little.” They were right — he was slightly bald and he couldn’t sing — but Fred Astaire could dance more than just a little.

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